International Zine Month


During conversations with friends I found myself saying “Wouldn’t it be rad if there was an International Zine Month?” Which led to the question as to who who make it official. This was actually a silly question since zines are inherently DIY there was no one who would make it official, but I could Do It Yourself. I figured to pair it with the 24 hour Zine thing would be a good idea and since that takes place in the month of July…. JULY IS INTERNATIONAL ZINE MONTH!

In the month of July I’d love for you to celebrate zines and independent publishing with people all over the world. This is not a spectator sport! I’m asking your to get involved!

Here are just some idea please send me more if you have them:

Set up a zine reading, a zine swap, a cut and paste party, a zine fest, or even a simple zine workshop at your local library or community center. Write a letter to every zine you read, leave your zine at random places around town like buses, bathrooms or universities. Order zines directly from the creator, make a shirt with iron on letters that says “ask me about zines”, make buttons with phrases like “zines saved my life” or “do you read zines”. Send out zine fliers with your mail or leave them around your town. Approach shops in your town about carrying zines, donate to zine libraries…..


Alex Wrekk

International Zine month list of suggested activities for 2018!

Get Ready!

– Check out

– Use #IZM2018 when writing online about International Zine Month


-Read a zine everyday

-Attend or organize  a zine event

-do a 24 hour zine: sign up at

-Draw a comic a day then release a comic zine

-Write about your progress daily online


July 1 – CanaZine Day! Buy, read, or share zines from Canada for Canada Day!

Event: June 30- July 1 New York, New York, USA Brown Paper Zine Small Press Fair

July 2 – Zine Rewind! Re-read your favorite zines and remind yourself why you fell in love with them in the first place.

July 3 – Teach a friend or family member about zines or even a stranger!

July 4 – AmeriZine Day! Explore marginalized voices in America. Buy, share, and read zines about racial justice and zines written by people of color.

July 5 – Review a zine online or write a review to share in your own zine.

July 6 – Zine Pride Day! Explore LGBTQIA zines! Buy, share, and read zines by people of marginalized sexual orientations and gender identities. Check out the Queer Zine Archive Project!

July 7 – Zine Distro Appreciation Day! Order zines from a distro to get yourself some reading material for IZM2018

July 8 – Cook with a recipe you found in a zine!

Event: July 8 London, UK BermondZINES 4

July 9  – Write a letter to a zine penpal

July 10 – Write a letter to a zine maker you don’t know

July 11- International Zine Day! Buy, share, or read zines from a country different than your own

July 12 – ZineWiki Day! Add to or update

Event: July 12- 14 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Zine Librarian Unconference

Event: July 12 Chicago, Illinois, USA ChiPRC Zine Zine Club

July 13 -Friday the 13th! Make up a zine superstition and share it (skip the 13th issue? Spin 3 times to prevent copier jams or avoid paper cuts? Let your best friend read your zine before anyone else?)

July 14 – ValenZines Day! Give yourself some zine love in whatever way it means to you! read zines in a bubble bath? Buy some new scissors? Let your zine friends know you care about them.

Event: July 14 Lacy, Washington, USA Make a Zine, Write a Letter: An International Zine Month Celebration

Event: July 14 Brooklyn, New York, USA Pete’s Mini Zine Fest

Event: July 14 Brussels, Belgium Fat Positivity Zine Making Workshop

July – 15 Free Zine Day! Give zines away or leave zines in public place for a stranger to find

July 16 – Make a list of reasons you love zines and share it with others

July 17 – make a flyer for your zine to trade with others or to send out with zine orders and trades

July 18 – Zine trade Day! Ask someone to trade zines

July – 19 Send your zine to a distro for consideration in the distro

Event: July 19 Chicago, Illinois, USA Instant Zine Swap

July 20 – Zine Shop Appreciation Day! Visit your local zine shop!

July 21 – Zine Library Day! Visit your local zine library. Don’t have one in your area? Why not start one?

Event: July 21 Olympia, Washington, USA 10th Annual 24-Hour Zine Thing and Open Mic Zine Reading

Event: July 21 Washington, DC, USA DC Zine Fest

Event: July 21 Pomona, California, USA Pomona Zine Fest

July 22 – Send or drop off your zine to a zine library to be included in their collection

July 23 – Order zines from a different zine distro

July 24 -Teach yourself a new zine skill like a new binding technique or how to make a 1 page zine

July 25 –  Send your zine out for review to a website or magazine that does reviews

Event: July 25 Berlin, Germany Zineklatsch #9

July 26 – Organize your zine collection

July 27 -Post online about some of your favorite zines!

Event: Portland, Oregon July 27 Portland Zine Symposium Zine Scramble

July 28 – Plan or attend a zine event! Big or tiny!

Event: July 28 & 29 Portland, Oregon, USA Portland Zine Symposium

July 29 – Take a photo of you with your zine or zine collection and post it online

July 30 -Write a letter or post about your IZM2018

31 HallowZine! Remember zines and zinesters that are no longer with us.

Comment if you have other events to add!