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The listings below are only as good as the input I receive. I have not had zines distributed by and/or I have not ordered from every distro.  I have also not been to every shop to see if they actually sell zines or checked out every zine library to see if they are still in the same location. I need you help to keep these listings accurate. I also need your help to keep these listings growing!

Please let me know of any changes or if you know of a distro, store or library to add!

Also, distros that are already included: get in touch. I’d like to add what languages of zines you carry.

Zine Distros
Stores That Sell Zines
Zine Libraries

Zine Distros

Zine Distros North America

Alchemist’s Closet

distro maintained by: Zeraph Dylan Moore
e-mail address: alchemistscloset(AT)gmail.com
Web address: http://www.alchemistscloset.org/
mailing address: 71 Division St., Bangor ME 04401
mail order, tabling or both: Both
Short description: The Alchemist’s Closet Is A Magickal Zine Store Catering To The Odd Customer & Specializing In Queer, Trans, Feminist, Punk & Anarchist Zines.
Accepts submissions: Yes
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: Queer, trans, feminist, anti-capitalist and punk zines as well as zines that are both political and personal, Pagan, spiritual, occult, sexuality & gender topics, and zines that are not carried by many.

Antiquated Future (formerly Ms. Valerie Park Distro)

e-mail address: msvaleriepark(AT)gmail.com
Web address: www.msvalerieparkdistro.com
mailing address: MVPD PO Box 42081 Portland, Or. 97242
mail order, tabling or both: Both!
Short description: Zines, music, books, stationary, calendars and planners, handmade odds and ends. With a focus on the Pacific Northwest.
Accepts submissions: We don’t take on a lot of unsolicited things, but we are always open to taking a look. Single physical copies in the mail with suggested wholesale and retail prices.
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: We are open to all kinds, but have an affinity for anything that breaks zine norms and explores the possibilities of what a zine can be. Also love zine authors that consider themselves writers as much as they consider themselves zinesters.

Copy That! Distro

Distro maintained by: Cheyenne Neckmonster
e-mail address: neckmonster(AT)gmail.com
Web address: copythatdistro.wordpress.com
mail order, tabling or both: mail order, occasional tabling
Short description: Copy That! Distro is a zine distro located in central Kentucky. Copy That! strives to be cheap, accessible, and informative.
Accepts submissions: Yes, but I’m kind of picky
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: zines that deal with issues around sexual assault (survivor’s issues, perpetrators and accountability processes, providing support and strategies for dealing with this issue), sexuality (sexual health, safer sex, body image), gender, general health/wellness. I especially value instructional or informative zines, though the occasional personal zine will be offered.
Crabby Media
Distro maintained by:  Chris Wrdnrd & Jess Adams
e-mail address:  shop(AT)crabbymedia.org
web address:  http://crabbymedia.org
mailing address:  PO Box 45536, Seattle WA 98145-0536
mail order, tabling or both:  Online orders, mail orders, and tabling in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.
Short description:  Crabby Media is an online info/shop for D.I.Y. publishers.
Accepts submissions:  Yes
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in:  Resource materials for zinemakers and D.I.Y. publishers — zines about zines and zine-making techniques, zine history, zine culture and community.
languages:  Right now our selections are entirely in English, but we’re glad to consider zines in any language that fit the types of resource zines listed above.

Doris Distro

distro maintained by: Cindy Crabb
Web address: dorisdorisdoris.com
mailing address: pob 29 Athens oh 45701
mail order, tabling or both: both
Short description: feminist, queer, personal, political, healing, etc.
Accepts submissions: yes
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: feminist/queer/trans and personal zine

Gimmie Brains!

distro maintained by: Mae
Web address:Gimmebrains.com
e-mail address: Youreinsanehoney(AT)gmail.com
mailing address: 1346 east san antonio st, apt. 329, san jose, ca 95116
mail order, tabling or both: both
Short description: Gimme Brains is a distro that supports other zinesters with projects they are passionate about.
Accepts submissions: I’m mostly interested in personal, comics and art zines.

Fight Boredom

distro maintained by: Amber Forrester
e-mail address: amber.norrean(AT)gmail.com
Web address: www.fight-boredom.com
mailing address: 344 rue St-Ferdinand / Montréal, Québec / H4C 2S8 Canada.
mail order, tabling or both: Both.
Short description: Fight Boredom Distro focuses on queer zines, feminist zines, perzines, travel journals, sex work tales, diary comics, cookzines and mental health zines full of secrets and adventures and righteous anger and total sassiness. Read ‘em and then tell yr own story.
Accepts submissions: Yes.
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: I’m interested in zines by queers, feminists and weirdos who write about their lives, adventures, activism and more. I’d especially like to stock more zines created in Canada and Québec, and I accept publications written in both English and French.

House Finch Zines!

maintained by: Danielle and Rod
email: tharnia@hotmail.com
web address: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/HouseFinchZines
mailing add: 3019 east 23 avenue, Vancouver BC, V5R1B2
accepts submissions: not right now
Short description: HFZ is home to two prolific Vancouver writers. We aim to create thoughtful, solid reading for park benches and bus rides. Topics include bicycle touring, aging and death, comix, and big fat perzines.

The Mimi Zine Distro
distro maintained by: Sonia A
e-mail address: mimizinedistro(AT)gmail.com
Web address: mimizinedistro.wordpress.com
mail order, tabling or both: both, mostly mail order through internet,table at political events
Short description: The purpose of this distro is to make zines about reproductive health, self-care, consent, intimate partner abuse, queer politics and feminist theory widely available.  It’s also a resource for folks who need information and support.  We need to take our bodies and our lives back into our own hands–only we can free ourselves!  This distro is here in the spirit of fierce feminist resistance and self-determination.
Accepts submissions: yes
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: I am very excited to accept new zines for this distro! I am looking for zines on
reproductive health, STI’s, sex, kink, gender-bending, sex work, abortion and abortion alternatives, domestic violence, consent, sexual assault, survivor support, community responses, restorative justice, men overcoming sexism, trans stories, trans health, gender theory, and queer hystory. I am also interested in hearing the personal stories, essays and narratives of folx who do not have straight male privilege–within reason.  I’ll print travel narratives and punk house stories if they come from a queer/feminist perspective.  The personal IS political, but let’s keep the, “I was drinking a forty on a train” narratives to a minimum, please.

Parcell Press

distro maintained by: Taylor Ball
e-mail address: taylor(AT)parcellpress.com
Web address: www.parcellpress.com
mailing address: P.O. Box 63875, Philadelphia, PA 19147
mail order, tabling or both: Both
Short description: a longstanding distributor of zines, comics, and all manner of self-published print art, aiming to provide reliable support for creators, a strong selection for readers, and bulk options for libraries and shops.
Accepts submissions: sure
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: unique printing and construction, great writing and illustration, and overall, pieces of printed art that are produced with responsibility, thoughtfulness, care and creativity.

Portland Buttons Works and Zine Distro

distro maintained by: Alex Wrekk and Derek Neuland
e-mail address: portlandbuttonworks@gmail.com
Web address: Portlandbuttonworks.com
mailing address: 5307 N Minnesota Ave
mail order, tabling or both: mailorder, tabling, and a shop.
Short description: Zine and button distro of rad stuff
Accepts submissions: Yes please.
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: Ones that are not done by jerks.

Radiator Comics

distro maintained by: Neil Brideau
e-mail address: neil(AT)radiatorcomics.com
Web address: http://radiatorcomics.com
mailing address: PO Box 18392, Chicago, IL 60618
mail order, tabling or both: Both.
Short description: Radiator Comics is a minicomics distro, selling alternative comics with a focus on self-expression and strong storytelling.
Accepts submissions: Yes
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: Minicomics.

Roach Motel

distro maintained by: Kristin Roach
email address: info[at]roach-motel[dot]com
Web Address: http://www.roach-motel.com
mailing address: PO Box 1314, Ames, Iowa 50014
distro address: 330 Main Street, #20, Ames, Iowa 50010
mail order, tabling or both: both
Short description: The Roach Motel is a zine distro based out of the indie boutique Where It\’s At.
Accepts submissions: Yes
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: We specialize in midwest authored and themed zines + just about anything on diy, gardening, crafting, perzines, comics.

Spit and a Half

distro maintained by: John Porcellino
e-mail address: johnp_kingcat(AT)hotmail (DOT)com
Web address: http://www.spitandahalf.blogspot.com
mailing address: PO Box 142 South Beloit, IL 61080
mail order, tabling or both: Both
Short description: Underground, small press and self-published comics from all over the world!

Sprout Anarchist Collective

e-mail address: distro(AT)sproutac.org
Web address: http://www.sproutac.org
mail order, tabling or both: Tabling
Short description: An anarchist zine distro focusing on “how to” type zines that help anarchists build strong cultures of resistance and increase our collective skillset. We carry zines on tactics, organizing, collectives, affinity groups, history, etc.
Accepts submissions: Email first.
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: Anarchist zines, primarily those focusing on “how to” topics.

Stranger Danger Zine Distro

distro maintained by: Heather
e-mail address: strangerdistro(AT)gmail.com
Web address: www.strangerdangerzines.com
mailing address: PO Box 08168 Chicago IL 60608
mail order, tabling or both: both
Short description: Stranger Danger is a zine distro based out of Chicago that specializes in feminist, queer, & trans zines (most are perzines/personal zines). There are, however, a handful of other types of zines in the catalog — craft zines, interview zines, & even a few comics. As for the history of the distro, Stranger Danger was created in Detroit in 2003 by Jami & Shaun, who passed it on to LB in 2006. At the end of 2010, LB passed it on to Heather. Long live Stranger Danger!
Accepts submissions: yes
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: feminist, queer, & trans zines

Sweet Candy Distro

distro maintained by: Sage
e-mail address: sweetcandydistro@gmail.com
Web address: http://sweetcandydistro.weebly.com
mailing address: PO BOX 13201, Olympia, WA 98508
mail order, tabling or both: both
Short description: Established in June of 2004, Sweet Candy Distro happily resides in Olympia, Washington. The distro carries a large variety of reading material (zines, books, comics, etc), music, and handmade items.
Accepts submissions: yes
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: Personal zines, health issues, DIY, compilations, food zines, poetry & fiction, art zines, parenting zines and zines made by kids & teens.

Things You Say

distro maintained by: Erin H (main distro lady), Mercedes H (mail hauler and kick-ass mom), and Carol (helps fill orders).
e-mail address: erin(AT)zinedistro.com
Web address: http://www.zinedistro.com
mailing address: PO Box 656 / Keyport, NJ 07735
mail order, tabling or both: Both
Short description: A distro based out of Keyport, NJ that sells over 70 zines and comics, and is consistently updated with new titles.
Accepts submissions: Yes. Please check the website before submitting your project.
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: Perzines, comics, political zines, DIY zines, and more.

United Kingdom and Ireland

Good Lookin’ South
Distro maintained by: Chris
E-mail address: chris@zinecore.co.uk
Web address: http://www.zinecore.co.uk
Mail order, tabling or both: Both
Short description: Small DIY distro from Brighton, UK selling zines and books covering everything from punk rock and anarchism to animal rights and vegan recipe zines. Also sells Good Lookin’ South zine.
Accepts submissions: Yes
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: Punk, Anarcho, Vegan, Animal Rights, DIY, Cycling/Critical Mass

marching stars
Maintained By: Lizzy
e-mail address: distro@marchingstars.co.uk
Web address: www.marchingstars.co.uk
mail order, tabling or both: both
Short description: marching stars is a UK-based zine distro selling lots of lovely zines: perzines, feminist, queer, body image, mental/physical health, racial identity, travel, riot grrrl, craft, fiction, veggie/vegan and other such indescribable zine genres.

Accepts submissions: yes, check the websiteKinds of zines your distro is interested in: Mostly perzines with a feminist/queer slant, but check the website for the full list.

Princesa Pirata Distro

Princesa Pirata is a small queer/anarcha feminist distro with a love for cycling and all kinds of D.I.Y. It’s based in Bristol, G.B. (Europe) at the mo and stocks zines, comix, badges, patches and variety of things made from re-used materials.Princesa Pirata accepts submissions! The distro is interested in autobiographical comix, mental health zines, queer zines, straight edge/queer edge zines, transgender zines, anarcha feminist material, vegan cooking/raw food zines, zines to do with cycling and fixing bicycles.

Pushpin Zines

Distro maintained by: Marceline Smith
e-mail address: hello(AT)pushpinpublishing.co.uk
Web address: www.pushpinzines.co.uk
mail order, tabling or both: both
Short description: Pushpin Zines  is an online zine distro in the UK for zines, e-zines and books, specialising in travel, Japan, kawaii, creativity, illustration and how-tos.
Accepts submissions: yes
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: Travel, Japan, kawaii, creativity, illustration, how-tos.

vampire sushi distro

Name of person/s who maintains distro: tukru + carl
e-mail address: vampiresushidistro@gmail.com
Web address: www.vampiresushi.co.uk
mail order, tabling or both: both!
Short description: vampire sushi is a little zine distro based in chatham kent, mainly concentrating on feminist and queer oriented perzines.
Accepts submissions: yes
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: all kinds, but we are most into perzines, feminist zines, queer zines & food zines… check the website for more info!


Distro maintained by: Adrien Desmidt & Giz Medium
e-mail address: sonofgaia226@hotmail.com
Web address: http://busstoppress.weebly.com
mailing address: ℅ thomas ledru – 19, montée du caroubier – 06240 beausoleil, FRANCE
mail order, tabling or both: both
Short description: We are a diy punk label (mostly co-releases on cassettes tapes & vinyl) and zine distro from south-east france and started in 2010, tabling at shows and zinefests across the world since then. We distribute zines published in French & English.
Accepts submissions: Sometimes, but we usually ask publishers of zines we read on our own first.
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: Personal zines made by punks & radical folks in french or english. We enjoy personal narratives as a form of documentation, and currently stock zines about DIY punk, but also political activism, polyamorous relationships or radical academia, but we don’t stop there.

Entes Anomicos(Germany)

Distro maintained by: Carlos Palacios & Nina Palacios
e-mail address: recontrapunk(AT)hotmail.com
Web address: http://www.entesdistro.blogspot.com
mail order, tabling or both: both
Short description: The idea came out after long time doing trades with great people around the world,trying to give the opportunity to everyone to show their work and ideas.
Accepts submissions: yes
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: music zines,perzine,art zines all kind of zine!!!!
Languages: English, Spanish, German

Heavymental Distro

e-mail address: mail(AT)heavymentaldistro.org
web address: www.heavymentaldistro.org
mail order, tabling or both: mail order & tabling
short description: Heavymental is a zine distro from Berlin, Germany. We distribute personal-, howto- and comic zines that are related to queer/feminism.
we accept submissions: yes
kinds of zines your distro is interested in: personal-, howto-, comic and other zines that are related to queer/feminism.

Australia and New Zealand

Aunty Mabel’s Zine distro
distro maintained by: Aunty Mabel’s nieces
e-mail address: hello@auntymabel.com
Web address: www.auntymabel.com
mailing address: PO Box 63 ,Northbridge WA 6865 Australia
mail order, tabling or both: Both
Short description: Aunty Mabel’s Zine Distro is a not-for-profit group keeping the zine culture flame burning in Western Australia. We appear at market stalls around the Perth Metropolitan area, stocking and distributing zines for the every person. We hold zine-making workshops with use of long-armed staplers, old magazine and typewriters. We organise social events to celebrate zine culture, such as Let Them Eat Zines, a zine fair.
Accepts submissions: Yes, see website for details
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: We are especially interested in zines from Perth, but also welcome national and international submissions.

Before submitting to Aunty Mabel, we strongly recommend that you take a look at the zines in our store to see if your work would be suitable for our distro.

Fox and Owl


Take Care

distro maintained by: Emma and Tim
*e-mail address: takecarezines(AT)gmail.com
Web address: takecarezines.org
*mailing address: PO Box 4, ENMORE NSW 2042, Australia
mail order, tabling or both: Both
Short description: Take Care opened on January 1st 2009, is based in Sydney, Australia and stocks zines from everywhere
Accepts submissions: Yes, conditionally – see our site and FAQS for details
Kinds of zines your distro is interested in: We’re mostly interested in zines that explore issues of everyday life, mental health, gender and sexuality, eating, traveling, activism, housing, art, music, work and so forth from radical/DIY/interesting/challenging perspectives.



Planet Books – 634-636 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, Western Australia

Polyester Books – 330 Brunswick st, Fitzroy, Victoria

Rocking Horse Records – 245 Albert St Brisbane, Queensland

Smiths Alternative Bookshop - 76 Alinga St. Canberra

Sticky – shop 10, Campbell Arcade, Melbourne, Victoria


ARTSHOP at Galerie Maison Kasini – 372 rue Sainte Catherine Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H3B 1A2

The Beguiling – 601 Markham Street Toronto, Ontario, M6G 2L7

Lucky’s – 3972 Main Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

The Regional Assembly of Text - 3934 Main Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Spartacus Books684 E. Hastings St., Vancouver British Columbia V6A 1R1

Toronto Women’s Bookstore – 73 Harbord Street, Toronto, Ontario


Repo Man Records – Fensmarkgade 36, 2200 København

TTC Gallery – Gl. Kongevej 37 ST.TH, 1610 Copenhagen V


Kutikuti -Kangaslantie 2, 0055 Helsinki

Myymala2 -Uudenmaankatu 23 00100 Helsinki


Bimbo Tower -5, Passage Saint- Antoine, 75011 Paris

Grand-Guignol – 91 montée de la Grande Côte, Lyon

Le Monte-en-l’air – 2, rue de la Mare 75020 Paris

un regard moderne – 10 Rue Gît le Coeur  75006 Paris


Druck Dealer – market-Straße 102 – 20357 Hamburg

 Neurotital – im Haus Schwarzenberg, Rosenthaler Straße 39, 10178 Berlin

Modern Graphics Comics and More – Oranienstraße 22, 10999 Berlin

ProQM – Almstadtstraße 48-50, D-10119 Berlin

SupaLife Kiosk – Raumerstrasse 40, 10437 Berlin


Irregular Rhythm Asylum – 1-30-12-302 Shinjuku, Tokyo

nagi shokudo – 15-10-103 Uguisu Dani-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


The Infoshop – c/o S.Rai, PO Box 8975, EPC 4104, Kathmandu, Nepal

New Zealand

Alphabet City – 71 Mt Eden Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland

Matchbox – Level One, 166 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand

United Kingdom

56a Infoshop- 56 Crampton Street London SE17 3AE 

Anarchy Records – 213 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG1 3FS

Bookart Bookshop – 17 Pitfield St, London N1 6HB

Caribou Caravan- Hopkinson Gallery, 21 Station Street, Nottingham

Cowley Club – 2 London Rd  Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4JA

Here Shop-108 Stokes Crof, Bristol, BS1 3RU

United States (by state)


Bound Together – 1369 Haight St., San Francisco CA 94117

City Light Books – 261 Columbus Ave., San Francisco CA 94133

Modern Times Books – 888 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA 94110

Needles and Pens – 3253 16th St., San Francisco CA 94103

Rock Paper Scissors – 2278 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94621

Skylight Books- 1818 N. Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027

Meltdown Comics – 7522 sunset blvd, la, ca 90046

Vlad the Retailer – 4270 melrose, la, ca

Ooga Booga – 943 North Broadway, ste. 203,  Los Angeles, CA 90012

Secret Headquarters – 3817 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026

The Last Bookstore – 453 s. spring st, la, ca 90013


Wayward Council – 807 W University Ave Gainesville, FL 32803


Chicago Comics – 3244 N. Clark St, Chicago IL 60657

Quimby’s – 1854 West North Ave., Chicago IL 60622


Boxcar Books – 408 E. 6th St., Bloomington IN 47408


Wonder Fair – 803 1/2 Massachusetts St. (Above The Casbah) Lawrence, KS 66044


Iron Rail Bookstore – 511 Marigny St. (at Decatur) New Orleans, LA


Atomic Books – 3620 Falls Rd., Baltimore MD 21211

Red Emma’s Bookstore - 800 St. Paul St. Baltimore, MD 21202


Have Company – 136 south division grand rapids, mi 49503


BoneshakerBooks – 2002 23rd Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55404

Extreme Noise - 407 W Lake Steet Minneapolis, MN

New Mexico

Astro Zombies – 3100 Central Avenue SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

New York

Blue Stockings Books – 172 Allen St., New York NY 10002

North Carolina

Internationalist Books – 405 West Franklin Street  Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Regulator Bookshop – 720 Ninth St, Durham, NC 27705


Shake It Records – 4156 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45223


Artifacts – 202 Cascade Ave # A  Hood River, OR 97031-2056

In Other Words – 14 N Killingsworth Street, Portland, OR 97211

Powell’s Books – 1005 W. Burnside, Portland Oregon 97209

Portland Button Works 1322 North Killingsworth, Portland, Oregon 97217

***HIATUS*** Reading Frenzy - 921 SW Oak St., Portland OR 97205


The Big Idea- 504 Millvlae Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Rhode Island

Amigos – 200 Allens Avenue, Studio 7F 2nd Floor Povidence, RI 02903


Winooski Welcome Center Shop- 25 Winooski Falls Way, Suite 317, Winooski, Vermont 05404


Random Row Books – 315 W. Main St, Charlottesville VA
Telegraph Gallery – 110 Fourth St. NE, Charlottesville VA, 22902

Elliot Bay Books – 1521 Tenth Avenue, Seattle WA 98122

Last Word Books – 211 E 4th Ave Olympia, WA 98501

Left Bank Books – 92 Pike St., Seattle WA 98101

Orca Books – 509 E 4th Ave Olympia, WA 98501



I was going to list zine libraries here but Barnard has a great list here has a very good list already so I thought I would just direct you to their list instead. Maybe in the future I will grow this list if it become necessary.