Updated Zine events page and some zines in media!

Check out the updated Zine Events page! Let us know if we are missing you zine event.

I had always sort of wanted this website to not only be a static resource page, but also an ongoing zine news site. It started that way but soon fell by the wayside. I set up a google alert for zines and still get them but I never seem to make the posts on the website. So, I’m going to try to start that again.

I’ve also considered having some other editors, especially from different regions so they can collect zine news and even report from zine fest. We’ll see how that works out. As for now, here are some articles that have made it into my inbox:


2 responses to “Updated Zine events page and some zines in media!

  1. Hey Alex,

    I’m so happy to hear your new plans for Stolen Sharpie! As a baby zinester, I really rely on it to get an idea of what’s out there and what’s practical to get to, so I appreciate your work. A few Ontario events you might want to add are:

    Kazoo! Print Expo – Guelph – Sat. April 11th from 11AM to 4PM
    Out to Sea Queer Zine Fair – Waterloo – Sat. March 14th from 12PM to 5PM
    7th Annual OCAD U Zine Fair – Toronto – March ? (I can’t find the info online for some reason, I can verify later)

    Hope this helps!


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