unapologetically late

It’s been a busy summer and I’m getting life back on track after International Zine Month and the Portland Zine Symposium and keeping my zine and button distro/shop up and running. My next project involves a trip to the UK for a tour with a zine themed band! Maybe you’ll come and see us? More on that latter.

Here’s some zine stuff that has crossed my path:

I updated the zine events page. As always, I need your help to keep it updated. Send me a message if you know of any that I an missing.

Check out these Zinester’s Dilemma articles 1 & 2

The POC Zine Project talks about having a POC zine conference in 2014.

Telegram zine is being collected in an anthology!

The Lesen Lounge seems like a bicycle version of the Fly Away Zine Mobile!

The Brooklyn College has a collection of Brooklyn zines.

This is an interesting exchange and discussion about the Birmingham Zine Fest in the UK and how out of touch the organizers seem to be about zines and zine culture.

Last, but definitely not least, Sage and Sarah are hosting another issue of their Postage Paid Zine Podcast tomorrow! Get on it and listen.


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