There are hours left to support the Stolen Sharpie Revolution Kickstarter!


The Stolen Sharpie Revolution Kickstarter ends today, September 30, at about 8PM! That means that as of now you have about 10 hours to back the kickstarter. If you do not back the kickstarter and pre-order a copy of Stolen Sharpie Revolution they will not be available for purchase until late November or early December, minibus hire with driver, so act now!

Yesterday I got the final files to the printer, ordered the custom Sharpie markers (they will look like the image above printed on the barrel minus the red) got the t-shirt design off to the printer, and finished the survey that will go out to the backers. I’M SO EXCITED!

Thank you everyone that has backed this project and made it a success. It has been a rough 30 days and I’m glad it is over, but I’m stoked that we made it happen!

If you have not backed the Stolen Sharpie Revolution Kickstarter, here’s you last chance!

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