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NW Zine Fest news and dates for other 2015 Zine events

Did you know that there has never been a a zine fest in Olympia, Washington, a city of much music and zine history, but no zine fest! That will change this year when Olympia hosts their first zine fest in October! Do you know how you can help make that happen? Support their indiegogo campaign!

In other Northwest zine fest news, the Portland Zine Symposium will be held July 18th and 19th this year. Crucial information about table registration will be shared this week! Check out the website for more inf including how to sign up for the mailing list!

And in general, the zine event page has been updated. I’ll just post them here as well. Look at Florida! They have two zine fests this year so far! Good job Florida!

If you have an event to add to this list feel free to use the comment form in the sidebar! As always, the resources for Stolen Sharpie Revolution are only as good as the community that supports it. Thanks!

2015 Zine Events!


14 – Sheffield Zine Fest (Sheffield, UK)

14 – Out to Sea Queer Zine Fair (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

28-29 – Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo (RIPExpo) (Providence, Rhode Island, USA)


4 – Glasgow Zine Fest (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

11 – Pioneer Valley Zine Fest (Easthampton, MA, USA)

11 – Kazoo! Print Expo (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

12 –Long Beach Zine Fest (Long Beach, CA, USA)

17-18 – NYC Anarchist Book Fair (New York City, New York, USA)

25-26 – Brooklyn Zine Fest (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

26 – Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair (Oakland, CA, USA)

26 – Miami Zine Fair (Miami, Florida, USA)


8-9 – Chicago Zine Fest (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

8-9 – Edmonton Anarchist Book Fair (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

16 –Chattanooga Zine Fest (Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA)


6 – CAKE (Chicago, IL, USA)


18-19 – Portland Zine Symposium (Portland, Oregon, USA)

25 – Pete’s Mini Zine Fest (Brooklyn, New York, USA)


29 – Philly Zine Fest (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Dublin Zine Fair (Dublin, Ireland)


1 – Gainesville Zine Fest (Gainesville, Florida, USA)


TBA – Boston Zine Fest (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

3 – ABQ Zine Fest (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)

3 – Bristol Comic & Zine Fair (Bristol, UK)

24 – Olympia Zine Fest (Olympia, Washington, USA)

31 – Short Run Comix & Arts Fest (Seattle, WA, USA)


Zine events update! Stolen Sharpie Revolution at the end of this printing! Brainscan #30

I have updated the zine events page as well as the zine event google calendar. Check it out.

I’ll be at the Chicago Zine fest and the Brooklyn Zine Fest. Come and say hello!

Also, Stolen Sharpie Revolution: A DIY resource for zines and zine culture the book is just about out of print! I’ll be reprinting in the next few months. So please, don’t go posting or buying overpriced and outdated copies on E-bay or Amazon or I’ll think you are a dick.

You’d do a lot better ordering the remaining copies from one of these fine distro:

Crabby Media

Parcel Press

Sweet Candy

or get it from my Etsy shop or my distro, Portland Button Works.

Also, here’s a little self promotion. I have a new zine out! Brainscan zine #30 is my 30th issue in 15 years! You can also get that in my Etsy shop or at Portland Button Works. It is 40 pages with 5 color Risograph prints on recycled paper.


unapologetically late

It’s been a busy summer and I’m getting life back on track after International Zine Month and the Portland Zine Symposium and keeping my zine and button distro/shop up and running. My next project involves a trip to the UK for a tour with a zine themed band! Maybe you’ll come and see us? More on that latter.

Here’s some zine stuff that has crossed my path:

I updated the zine events page. As always, I need your help to keep it updated. Send me a message if you know of any that I an missing.

Check out these Zinester’s Dilemma articles 1 & 2

The POC Zine Project talks about having a POC zine conference in 2014.

Telegram zine is being collected in an anthology!

The Lesen Lounge seems like a bicycle version of the Fly Away Zine Mobile!

The Brooklyn College has a collection of Brooklyn zines.

This is an interesting exchange and discussion about the Birmingham Zine Fest in the UK and how out of touch the organizers seem to be about zines and zine culture.

Last, but definitely not least, Sage and Sarah are hosting another issue of their Postage Paid Zine Podcast tomorrow! Get on it and listen.


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What’s up zine land?

Greetings! I have returned to dreary Portland after a few days in the dessert teaching the glory of zines in the Art Studios at Coachella and yes, I did see hologram Tupac and it was creepy. But more importantly I hung out with the fine Zine Works folks and taught people to make zines! I made two tiny zines about my experiences, more on that another time.

So, what’s up in zine land?

First, The next Zine Librarian (un)Conference will be held 27-28 of July in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA . Registration has opened so get in there! go here. Hang out with two awesome things that get even more awesome together: Librarians and zines!

I added 6 new dates for zine fests to the event listings! Go check it out. Including the Leeds Zine Fair that I will be attending in November! We are making it a date around out Copy Scams tour. So stoked!

Now for some talk about some of my pet peeves. First, my very least favorite question is “Didn’t blogs kills zines?” as if they are mutually exclusive. I have a blog. I have a zine. They both server different functions. The second is people who think zines are dead and talk about them like a eulogy of the 90s. Articles like this article or this one feel so dismissive. If you notice in the comments there gets to a point where contemporary zine folks speak up…but no one really seems to listen. I like to tell people that write this articles that zines didn’t stop existing just because they walked away from them. Thousands of us have been happily cutting and pasting, penpal-ing, and putting on zine fest for years. I guess I just hate seeing all the years of hard work, dedication, and connections that have enriched lives the world over dismissed as something that doesn’t exist anymore.

Another of my pet peeves is the term “e-zine” . E-zines are not zines. To me, zines need to be tangible. That is why I find this “Zeen App”  so annoying. The really horrible thing that a friend of mine brought up is that even if you hate it, you might want to secure your zine name now. ugh.

In super awesome news, Someone has created a Zine Crush site! It hopes to become a zine someday and I think that is amazine. I totally agree that  the consummation of a zine crush is a split zine! Go send your stories!

One more thing…

My friend Derek and I are combining our two button companies to make a mega-button company called Portland Button Works and last week we signed a lease on a brick and mortar store front! It is super exciting. We are going to to offer custom buttons, magnets, keychains and bottle openers. We are also going to offer our catalog designs for sale as well as starting a zine distro as well as sell zines in the shop! We have started getting distro stock and bought a bunch of lumber to start building fixtures but we still have a long way to go before the shop is operational in all of its awesome glory! We would really really appreciate your help with our indiegogo campaign!

Please go here and help out with our campaign and get yourself some pre-ordered buttons, bottle openers, or magnets. You can also get the newest issue of Brainscan Zine, or even discounts on buttons for life!

3 zine events this weekend!

There’s a trifecta of zine events this weekend!

24 – Loosely Bound Zine Extravaganza (Bradford, UK)

24 – Vermont Small Press and Comic Fair (Winooski, Vermont, USA)

24 – Buffalo Small Press Book Fair (Buffalo, New York, USA)


I also added two more events to the Zine Event Calendar page this week. As always, let me know what I’m missing!