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mid-week worthy causes

I just wanted to post something about some fundraisers that I think deserve your attention.

The first is this Sparkplug publishing project. Sparkplug is run by some awesome Portland folks and past Portland Zine Symposium volunteers and that could really use your help to publish some awesome project and you can get your mitts on those awesome projects by donating.

Next up, Show and Tell Press could use your help in publishing the reprint of issue #6 of Craphound. You know you love Craphound for all your zine clip art need. DEATH! TEPEPHONE! SCISSORS! The scissors alone make this worth it. I can’t believe I don’t own my own copy of this. I always borrowed mine from the IPRC, but I think some Craphound back issues were stolen, grrrr. Get in on this now!

The last project is near and dear to my heart. The Roberts Street Social Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada houses the Anchor Archive Zine libray and is moving. They have lost their lease and have to relocate. They are raising funds for the move. The site says that are funded but every little bit more is totally helpful. The Roberts Street Social Center hosts the Anchor Archive Zine Residency. I was a resident in October of 2009 where I lived in the shed and came inside the house to create Brainscan #24 &25 (available here) Here are some photos of my time in Halifax. I met lots of awesome dedicated people and I really hope this project lives on forever and ever.live streaming movie Logan 2017 online

FYI, I have donated a bit to each one of these. Do you know what else I have donated to? My own zine…

And in pure self interest, I thought I might post about my new zine, Brainscan #29. It is a split from Chicago based Ben Spies. He challenged me to do a fiction split with his fiction zine, No More Coffee. We released it onto the world at the 2012 Chicago Zine Fest. Maybe you might like to check it out?

A new photocopier is born and The Copy Scams are going on tour

Ok, I had to mention this. In the last post I wrote that the Robert’s Street Social Center is moving, but they have also welcomed a new photocopier into the world! I wonder if it has a name yet? In celebration they are hosting a copier launch party.  I saw this post on We Make Zines asking for songs about copiers. Do you have one to share?

In the We Make Zines post the  joke/niche band all about zines, The Copy Scams, was mentioned.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

Here’s the story about that: In 2010 Steve Larder (of Rum Lad zine) was staying in my basement for a few months and decided he wanted to start a band. Then he tricked me, my housemate Marc of (Zine Thug) and my partner, Paul (who won’t make zine anymore for some reason) into starting a band with him. We decided it would be a zine themed band and in 3 weeks we wrote, rehearsed, and recorded 4 lo-fi pop punk songs all about zines including a song about apologizing for the zine being late, a song about the ubiquitous likes/dislikes list, a song about stealing photocopies, and a song about the 24 hour zine challenge. If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, we performed a show that closed out the 2010 Portland Zine Symposium. It was a lot of fun.

Well, looks like we are going to top that. In November of 2012 The Copy Scams are touring the UK with a pack of North American zine friends!  We are looking for zine fests to attend as well! Let me know if you are planing a zine fest in England during the first two weeks of November. Stay tuned for more details and in the mean time you can get a cassette tape (yes, only cassette tape!) of the songs here, or listen live and download for free on last.fm, our Reverbnation site, or right here:


End of the week zine round up: 10 February 2012

stI keep finding more awesome zine things to share with you!

Atomic books, one of the sponsors the 2011 Revenge of Print, has tallied over 2,000 titles printed last year! Over 1,000 people signed up on the facebook page and over 2,000 zines have been made! Take that, people say print is dead! Read more about it here.

-Another sponsor of Revenge of Print is Quimby’s, and they mentioned this site in the quimblog this week. thanks!Review Android Smartphone

-Portland, Oregon zinester, author, and illustrator Nicole Georges is working with IFC to illustrate THE MOST PORTLAND THING EVER. It’s a bit like a contest where you leave a comment about the most Portland Thing Ever that you have seen and Nicole will illustrate the winner. Check it out!

-Also in Portland: The 12th annual Portland Zine Symposium will be 11-12 August 2012.  The website  has not yet been updated because there is no new artwork yet (and tabling is not open either, FYI)! The Portland Zine Symposium is looking for your artwork to grace the website, t-shirts, posters, stickers and more. The theme this year is “Sea of Zines”  So there should be lots of cephalopods reading zines, pirates with zine booty, or a shark trying to eat a zine reader on a surf board. Deadline for artwork is 25 February and details can be found on the website.

-And another thing in Portland: The Independent Publishing Resource Center is moving across the river to the east side! Since 1996 the IPRC has been located in an office building in Downtown Portland. After shuffling around the building and expanding into other offices there over the years, it has just grown too big. The move across the river to 1001 SE Division quadruples the space for more ziney goodness! Stay tuned for more news about the move!

Canada Corner! (I couldn’t help myself, sorry)

-Speaking of moving: The Robert’s Street Social Center in Halifax ,Nova Scotia, Canada has lost their lease  on Robert’s Street. They are looking for a new space in the North End. I’m particularly sad about this because I had the opportunity to be a resident with the Anchor Archive zine residency program in 2009. I know they will end up on their feet and I wish them well!

-Amber, of Fight Boredom zine distro and Culture Slut zine, was interviewed in this Montreal article about Fighting Boredom. I really dig the thought that “only boring people are boring”.

-I was contacted by the people from XSPACE Cultural Center in Toronto that they are having a BINGO fundraiser on 17 February and that they are accepting zine submissions for their zine library!

Zine Events this weekend:

12 – Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair (Melbourne, Australia)

12 – Bristol Radical Zine Fest (Bristol, UK)

Do you have zine related news? Drop me a comment to the right and I’ll try to get it posted!  —————>