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24 Hour Zine Thing – make a zine in 24 hours! Share it with the world!

Bitch Media Zine Reviews – “Cut & Paste” is a series of great zine recommendations from zinesters and zine librarians

Book of Zines – Links links and more links with lots of articles and information about zines and zine history

Black Ship Books – Reviews (more reviews here)

Compilation Station – A blog dedicated to comp zines!

Etsy Team Zine – List of people selling and promoting zines on Etsy. (Etsy is a site where individuals sell hand crafted items.

Fly Away Zinemobile – A zine library on wheels!

Grrrl Zines.net – Global Grrrl Zine Network

Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) – a physical space in Portland, Oreogn, USA with all things needed to make zines. Their website offers information on their library, resources, and certificate program.

International Zine Library Day – 21 July

Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast – Podcast about zines being good, not supid! Also available on itunes

One Minute Zine Reviews – That sort of explains it all, doesn’t it?

Spill The Zines – A UK-specific zine review blog

Syndicated Zine Reviews – just what it says!

We Love Zines – Tumblr dedicated to zines

We Make Zines – An entire social media site dedicated to zinesters

QZAP – Queer Zine Archive Project: an archive of digitized queer zines and awesome-ness.

Zine Core Radio Show– Radio show about zines!

Zine Event Organizers Google Group – This is a google group for zine event organizers to network, talk shop and share ideas. They also host ZOE- The Zine Organizers Event at different zine fest for organizers to meet in person.

Zine Libraries – Resource for librarians with zine collections.

Zine Librarian Yahoo Group – Zine librarians talk about stuff.

Zine Thug – Zines reviews that have bite.

ZineWiki – A wiki all about zines! Is your zine included? Add it now!

Zine World (A Reader’s Guide to the Underground Press) – The Web page of the long running print zine review zine. The site is chock full of zine resources and information about free speech including the Zinester’s guide to the U.S. mail!

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