Happy International Zne Month Day 14 – ValenZine’s Day

Happy Valenzine’s Day! Remember to write your zine crush or, write to Zine Crush about your zine crush.

At the Portland Button Works shop we are having a ValenZine’s party. If you are in Portland you can come and make a  Valenzine to send to your Zine Crush! We will also have a stop by the Fly Away Zine Mobile tomorrow!

Here’s a great article about the Zine Apothecary in Minnesota. This library has over 2,500 different zines!

Today (Tomorrow? What time is it there) the Folks in Indonesian are rocking the Bandung Zine Fest! I wish them success!

What else do I have for you this week? Awesome zine librarians attempting to make the worlds largest zine!!! July 21st is Zine library day! If you happen to be in Pittsburgh you should check it out!


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