How’s your International Zine Month going?

Wow! Did you know there is a twitter hash tag for IZM! #InternationalZineMonth Ya, it is kinda long. But look! People are using it. Follow along and post your own activities.

Taryn Hipp is a superstar! She’s blogging about her zine activities here. It’s pretty inspiring.  Also, she and Sarah of Once Upon  A Distro are going for extra extra credit by not only reading a zine everyday, but reviewing a zine everyday here.

Sage from Sweet Candy distro is also playing along!

Let me know what you plans are and I’ll add them!


International Zine Month- Day 1

Greetings! Happy International Zine Month! If you are following along at home with the 31 activities for 31 days of International Zine Month today’s activity is to head over the WeMakeZines, a social networking site just for zines, and post about International Zine Month.

How to get your own 31 Activities for International Zine Month poster

Oh, if you would like a a copy of the 31 activities for International Zine Month poster along with a Portland Button Works Quarterly here’s how you get them: Send a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to:

Portland Button Works
1322 N Killingsworth
Portland, Oregon 97217

Geeting ready for International Zine Month!

I want to hear your plans for International Zine Month. I’ve been adding events into the 31 activities calendar. I’ll also be adding the activities to the google calendar. You do know about the Google Calendar of Zine Events don’t you? You can add it to your own Google Calendar and see when there are zines events all around the world! Let me know about your zine events and I’ll add them to the calendar.


Ok, a big reason I picked July for International Zine Month is because that was the month of the 24 Hour Zine Thing. I think it is an awesome project and everyone some at least try it. Did you know that you need to sign up to be counted? Go here and sign up to be a part of the 24 Hour Zine Challenge.

That being said, The Portland Zine Symposium is hosting their 4th annual 24 Hour Zine challenge. This awesome event is a fundraiser for PZS and works like a charity walk. You sponsor a participant (or participants!) and you only have to pay-up if the participant/s finish the challenge! If you sponsor someone for at least $10 you will even receive the zine the participant makes! I have taken part in this event for the past two years and have finished both times.  I will be participating again this year at this event that will be held at the new spacious Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, Oregon on 21 July. I would love love love it if you could help out the Portland Zine Symposium and sponsor me, Alex Wrekk, in the 24 hour zine challenge. There will also be live cams to watch our sleep deprived scribbling….and also so that you can laugh at us.

Spill The Zines, a UK based zine news site, reposted the 31 activities poster! So did 365 Zines A Year!

There is a new issue of Zine World out! Zine World #31 is available for you to purchase and pursue zine reviews and find some good new zines to read. The cover is really cool and looks like a hidden object game! Also, have you sent your zine to Zine World for review? You should do that. Here’s the info on how to do that including this handy form to fill out so they get all the details right.

This is an interesting article about zines libraries from a Library School!

And to sum all this up, here’s a cute comic about how trading zines is rad.


A poster of 31 things to do for International Zine month in July

I printed these little posters on my Risograph of 31 things to do for the 31 days of July. If you would like to make some of your own you can get the PDF here. Also, posters (and PBW quarterly zines) are free with every order from Portland Button Works and Zine Distro.


31 Day of International Zine Month!

Hey Look a whole listing of Fanzine Festivals in Europe.  I can’t say how many of them are active, but it is nice to see them all in one place.

We have about a week until the start of International Zine Month! Last year I took a photo of myself in a different zine shirt each day. Do you have plans?  Well, we have plans for you!

Derek and I at Portland Button Works have put together this 31 Days Of International Zine Month! We have activities for you to do every day if you are ambitious! I’ll be adding these to the zine event Google calendar soon.

Play along at home with 31 Days of International Zine Month!

1 – If you have an account on We Make Zines (A social networking site just for zines)  login to talk about International Zine Month. if you don’t have an account yet, start one!
I love zines week
2 – Zine Distro appreciation day.  Order something from a zine distro, or write them a letter or an e-mail telling them you appreciate what they do.
3 – Organize your zine collection. We all know you have stacks of zines by your bed, maybe you should look into doing something about that.
4 – Teach yourself a new skill: how to make a one page zine, a new binding technique, photocopier art, etc.
5 – Check out a different type of zine than you normally read. Why stay stuck in the same box, try something new. It might just surprise you!
6 – Re-read your favorite zines! We all have our favorites, why not sit down and read them again.

7 – Zine reading day! Host, attend, or participate in a zine reading. No zine readings around you? Read outloud to your pet!
8 – Try something new day.  If you draw comics, try writing a personal story.  If you write fiction, try non-fiction.  If you write poetry, try drawing comics.

Postal appreciation week!
9 – Buy some stamps, envelopes or postcards or make your own (envelopes and postcards, that is, not stamps.)
10 – Write a letter to a zine person that you have never written before to let them know you liked what they made.
11 – Create a care package to send to a zine friend filled with neat zine stuff (rub on letters, glue sticks, clip art, etc)
12 – make some mail art, decorate some envelopes, or make an Artist Trading Card.
13 – Send your zine out to be reviewed.

14-  ValenZine’s Day Write your zine crush (we know you have one!), or write to Zine Crush about your zine crush.
15 – make plans to make a split zine with someone.

Zine Library and Education week
16 – Leave a zine in a public place: tacked to a message board, on a bus, in a coffee shop
17 – Teach a friend or family member about zines.
18 – Send your zine to a zine library.
19 – make a zine flyer to send out with your orders and to trade with other zines.
20 – Host a zine workshop or zine party at a local library or community center.

21 – International Zine Library Day! Visit your local zine library! Start a zine library.
22 – Check out Zine Wiki! Add your zine or edit an entry.
Zine Distribution week
23 – Zine Trade Day! ask someone if they would like to trade zines with you.
24 –  Send your zine to a distro for consideration.
25 – Order from a different zine distro than your normally do.
26 – Review a zine in your zine, on your blog, or on your facebook page
27 – Look into consigning your zine at a shop that sells zines.

28 – Free Zine Day! Give the unexpected gift of a zine!
29 – organize a zine event, even if it is a small one

30 – Zine shop appreciation day.  Support your local zine friendly shop today!
31- Take a photo of you with your zine (extra credit if you post it online)

Extra Credit!
-Read a zine everyday
-take part in the 24 hour zine thing
-draw a comic everyday and release a diary comic at the end!


Zine Stuff!

Greetings! I have a few zine things for you this week:

-Wanna participate in an interview about Riot Grrrl fashion? (Zine related because Riot Grrrl and zines are inextricably linked in my head)

-Can’t make it to Paris? Want to have your zines on display in Paris? Send them to the Fanzines! Festival. I really love all the photos of the mail they have gotten!

-Do you have an event to add to the Zine Event listing page? Let me know! Did you know that you can actually add the Zine Event Google Calendar to your own Google calendar?

-We are 18 days away from International Zine Month! What plans do you have?

New Zine Podcast!

Just a short update to direct your attention to Postage Paid Zine Podcast that is airing in about a half a hour! Sage (Sweet Candy Distro) and Sarah (Once Upon A Distro) will be discussing things to consider when throwing a zine event! I’m so glad to see more zine podcasts. Fun stuff!

Zine Summer!


I’ve been busy but I have been keeping the Zine Events page up to date. As always, let me know when I’m missing  a zine event. I only have 2 eyes and they can’t see the whole world.

I attended the Woman of Color Zine Symposium last weekend. Jenna, the Lower East Side Librarian, was in town and we got to hang out. I saw a lot of old zine friends and met some great people. I think the event was awesome and I hope they do another one.

Registration for both the Philly Feminist Zine Fest (so bummed I can’t go!) and the San Francisco Zine fests are open now!

This weekend is both the Flint Michigan Zine Fest and the Scranton Zine Fests proving that awesome zine fests CAN happen in your city if you are creative and motivated!

And in zine new in my home city of Portland:

June 21 The Portland Zine Symposium is also sponsoring a Zine Bike ride and Bike-in movie during Pedalpalooza!(it starts at our lovely Portland Button Works shop! check out all our zines! Check out all our buttons!)

June 23 AmaZINE Day!- A new mini zine fest hosted quarterly in conjugation with the Portland Zine Symposium! Table space is limited and all table registration is to signed up for physically at the IPRC. Up the mini zine fests!

Did you know that July is International Zine Month?

What are you plans?I’ll be adding events as YOU send them to me.

The Portland Zine Symposium is hosting a 24 Hour Zine Challenge for the 4th year in a row! It will work as a fundraiser again where you have an opportunity to sponsor a zinester. You only pay if they complete the challenge AND you can even get a copy of they creation.

Also, July 21st is International Zine Library Day!

How will you show love for your local Zine Library?

What’s up zine land?

Greetings! I have returned to dreary Portland after a few days in the dessert teaching the glory of zines in the Art Studios at Coachella and yes, I did see hologram Tupac and it was creepy. But more importantly I hung out with the fine Zine Works folks and taught people to make zines! I made two tiny zines about my experiences, more on that another time.

So, what’s up in zine land?

First, The next Zine Librarian (un)Conference will be held 27-28 of July in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA . Registration has opened so get in there! go here. Hang out with two awesome things that get even more awesome together: Librarians and zines!

I added 6 new dates for zine fests to the event listings! Go check it out. Including the Leeds Zine Fair that I will be attending in November! We are making it a date around out Copy Scams tour. So stoked!

Now for some talk about some of my pet peeves. First, my very least favorite question is “Didn’t blogs kills zines?” as if they are mutually exclusive. I have a blog. I have a zine. They both server different functions. The second is people who think zines are dead and talk about them like a eulogy of the 90s. Articles like this article or this one feel so dismissive. If you notice in the comments there gets to a point where contemporary zine folks speak up…but no one really seems to listen. I like to tell people that write this articles that zines didn’t stop existing just because they walked away from them. Thousands of us have been happily cutting and pasting, penpal-ing, and putting on zine fest for years. I guess I just hate seeing all the years of hard work, dedication, and connections that have enriched lives the world over dismissed as something that doesn’t exist anymore.

Another of my pet peeves is the term “e-zine” . E-zines are not zines. To me, zines need to be tangible. That is why I find this “Zeen App”  so annoying. The really horrible thing that a friend of mine brought up is that even if you hate it, you might want to secure your zine name now. ugh.

In super awesome news, Someone has created a Zine Crush site! It hopes to become a zine someday and I think that is amazine. I totally agree that  the consummation of a zine crush is a split zine! Go send your stories!

One more thing…

My friend Derek and I are combining our two button companies to make a mega-button company called Portland Button Works and last week we signed a lease on a brick and mortar store front! It is super exciting. We are going to to offer custom buttons, magnets, keychains and bottle openers. We are also going to offer our catalog designs for sale as well as starting a zine distro as well as sell zines in the shop! We have started getting distro stock and bought a bunch of lumber to start building fixtures but we still have a long way to go before the shop is operational in all of its awesome glory! We would really really appreciate your help with our indiegogo campaign!

Please go here and help out with our campaign and get yourself some pre-ordered buttons, bottle openers, or magnets. You can also get the newest issue of Brainscan Zine, or even discounts on buttons for life!