A new photocopier is born and The Copy Scams are going on tour

Ok, I had to mention this. In the last post I wrote that the Robert’s Street Social Center is moving, but they have also welcomed a new photocopier into the world! I wonder if it has a name yet? In celebration they are hosting a copier launch party.  I saw this post on We Make Zines asking for songs about copiers. Do you have one to share?

In the We Make Zines post the  joke/niche band all about zines, The Copy Scams, was mentioned.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

Here’s the story about that: In 2010 Steve Larder (of Rum Lad zine) was staying in my basement for a few months and decided he wanted to start a band. Then he tricked me, my housemate Marc of (Zine Thug) and my partner, Paul (who won’t make zine anymore for some reason) into starting a band with him. We decided it would be a zine themed band and in 3 weeks we wrote, rehearsed, and recorded 4 lo-fi pop punk songs all about zines including a song about apologizing for the zine being late, a song about the ubiquitous likes/dislikes list, a song about stealing photocopies, and a song about the 24 hour zine challenge. If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, we performed a show that closed out the 2010 Portland Zine Symposium. It was a lot of fun.

Well, looks like we are going to top that. In November of 2012 The Copy Scams are touring the UK with a pack of North American zine friends!  We are looking for zine fests to attend as well! Let me know if you are planing a zine fest in England during the first two weeks of November. Stay tuned for more details and in the mean time you can get a cassette tape (yes, only cassette tape!) of the songs here, or listen live and download for free on last.fm, our Reverbnation site, or right here:


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